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Fair use policy

Answers market is a leading academic writing service provider that is highly dedicated to providing the best online writing assistance to students enrolled in various universities in the world. Our services aim at helping students with research, as well as help them acquire knowledge in different topics to help them in writing their own original and plagiarism-free papers.

 Fair use is a legally permissible use of copyrighted material for specific purposes. With our fair use policy, we are dedicated to the improvement of a student’s educational experience. The services we deliver should not be used as a replacement for your own work but as an aid to writing your own original paper. We want you to achieve your dream grades and enjoy academic success by taking full advantage of our essay help services. 

Our highly qualified professional academic writers strive hard to deliver a paper that is custom-written, completely original, and one that meets your university guidelines and standards. They leave no stone unturned in providing you with the maximum satisfaction and work that reflects perfection.

Please go through our Fair Use Policy before opting for our services to understand how you should use the work that we deliver to you. We have attempted to keep this policy simple and straight to the point but if you face any problem understanding any part, please feel free to contact us for inquiries using our contact details stated on our “contact us” page. You can as well live chat with our online agents. 

What does our fair use policy state?

Our fair use policy states that all materials and other customized resources delivered to our clients must be used with proper references and are only meant to help the student in research and writing their own papers. The service is completely legal and not prohibited by any learning institution as long as the product is used according to our policies. 

What is plagiarism?

Here is a list of some of the actions considered plagiarism. 

Every learning institution has its own definition of plagiarism but most of them agree with the above list.

Avoiding plagiarism.

Our fair use policy has been created to make sure our customers have the best experience when using our services. Please follow this guideline to avoid plagiarism when using our essay help services.

Why do we have a fair use policy? 

The main objective of our essay help service is to provide students with the necessary knowledge in their topic so that they can conduct further research. They can as well utilize the information they get from us as a guide to writing their own documents. However, some students make the mistake of submitting the work they receive from us directly to their institution for grading to save themselves from the hard work. This is wrong and we will not be held liable for any disciplinary action resulting from the behavior. It is a form of plagiarism and the practice is against our Fair Use Policy. 

This fair use policy has been created to make our clients understand that the work delivered to them is copyrighted. The best way you can benefit from our custom essay is by considering it as a guide to take notes and ideas to aid you in conducting further research for use in writing your own original paper. 

How can you use the work delivered to you?

Any custom paper delivered to you should be used the same way you would use a book or journal that you found on exactly the same subject. The same way you would not copy from the book or the journal is the same way you should never use the researcher’s work word to word. Instead, you should examine the ideas and arguments that have been presented in the paper to try to create your own work. You can as well lookup the material the researcher has found and use their bibliography to ‘snowball’ your own reading. 

We write custom essays with the purpose of providing a student with an example of how a particular academic question can be approached. This does not mean that the question can only be handled in that technique only. It only gives you one of the many ways in which a question can be handled. The document will help you come up with a new and unique perspective to write your paper, help you collect the relevant information from credible sources, and help you learn the different formatting styles. It provides you with a strong starting point from which you can write your own research. The following steps will help you write your own paper using our sample paper.  

Conducting your own research and creating a 100% plagiarism-free paper will take a lot more effort and time than simply submitting our model paper to your institution for grading. It may be tempting to submit our model paper to your institution but we do not support this and it is against our Terms of use. Using our model paper to research and write your original paper will help you get a thorough understanding of the given topic and prepare well for exams. 

Can I submit the sample paper to my university for grading?

No. Using our sample paper as your original paper is an act of plagiarism. Passing someone else’s work as your own is wrong and against copyright laws. Even when you try to make minor alterations, the work will still be considered plagiarized. You are supposed to submit a 100% plagiarism-free paper to your institution for grading. Any model paper we deliver to our clients should be used according to our fair use policy as stated on this page. 

Our researchers and writers work tirelessly to gather the best data to produce excellent model papers to help our clients acquire knowledge and understanding of their topics. Everything we submit is entirely original, high quality, and written according to your specific instructions. The model paper is never uploaded on the web and thus it can never end up being flagged by plagiarism scanners. This means that even if you submit the model paper as your own to your institution, your professor can not know that you used our service and the essay had been written by one of our experts. 

Even so, your professor can still realize that the paper submitted does not match your writing style or the paper contains sources that you don’t have access to or sufficient knowledge to find. In such a case, the professor can request you to explain the work back to them which might be difficult if you handed the paper without researching and understanding what is contained in the paper. This can lead to serious consequences as a result of submitting work that is not your original work for grading.

Complying with our fair use policy will help you write an excellent paper, improve your grades, and give you a sense of satisfaction that you have done a clean and honest job. 

Why should I buy a reference paper from you?

After learning that you cannot submit our model paper to your institution for grading, you might be wondering why you should buy our model paper. The following are the major reasons why you should still buy our model paper.

Who uses our services?

Our services are accessible to all students facing academic problems on anyone who wishes to better their grades and improve their university experience. The following are some of the major reasons why as a student you might request essay help services from us.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this Fair Use Policy or any discrepancy/grievance against it, send us an email at support@answersmarket.com or call us at +1(978)822-0999. You can as well chat with our online agents who are available 24/7 through live chat.