• March 16, 2018/

How safe is your money transaction?

Very safe, you have nothing to worry about money transaction because they are handled by Pay pal money processor.  In addition, we always refund you money when need be.


How will I get my assignment?

Once your assignment is complete, we will upload it in your account and you will get a notification email immediately. By all means we make sure that the client get the email on time.


How safe are my personal information?

Our team have no access to any other information apart from what you provide. Moreover, the information you give is for assignment given only and cannot be disclosed to a third policy.


Who does my work?

We have a team of professional writers in all fields of study that have tonnes of experience in academic research writing. Most of our writers are holders of masters and doctorate degree.


How do I get this answer?

Getting answers to your question as easy as clicking the order button below. Fill in the details with and and click the cards button below and you will be redirected to pay pal for payments. While filling the detail be specific on the deadline, and by the time you hit the deadline you will have the answer with you.


What is the scope of your work?

Our services are mainly academic writing services. However our command within this area is very broad and covers all subjects and scopes you can imagine. Please contact our customer care representative to discuss your paper.

What if am not satisfied with the quality of work?We have had few cases of dissatisfied clients and always encourage them to request for revision. We are never done with our clients until they are happy.


Can I contact the writer?

Yes, we link the client to the writer to make sure that the writer understands the clients needs.