Reflection Essay on Festival at the Village

[pic] FESTIVAL AT THE VILLAGE T/A “[email protected] – 2013” A Proposal Document By Lentswe Arts Projects [LEAP] About Us Lentswe Arts Projects [LEAP] is a non-profit frame frameal in March 2011, in provisions of Act No 71 0f 1997 inferior the Department of Collective Development, South Africa. LEAP, is the braincadet of cultural activists, artists and art managers in the North West Territory who possess for decades combined, been ordinary divergent frames, but fundamentally pursuing the similar goals. It was opposite this inferiorstanding that Lentswe was frameed. Lentswe” has abundant connotations in Setswana, one nature a bulky cast and the other a words. In this treatment, “Lentswe” is built from the rise of the verb “go tswa”, which instrument to stock out in Setswana. “Lentswe le tswelele go tswela mosola” signification “as you gather or favor from Lentswe; live to be cheerful use unto others. ” LEAP has been confused in ostentatious and collective harvest designs since its birth. In 2010, plain antecedently nature registered. , through the Maitiso le Kea’ cultural and ostentatious rendition, LEAP managed to buy course equals for the poor course conclusion at Magokgwane Primary Course in the environs f Mafikeng as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as quiescent and equal for another mad gatherer at Redibone Middle Course after a time the annals generated from ticket sales. The fundraising plaint collect a lot of patronage from open and interopen melodious artists such as Mo Molemi, and Setswana folklore creativeness Ntirelang Berman from Botswana. October 2011, saw LEAP co-producing an exclusively cultural confusion of “Ntirelang Berman live” at Mmabana Mmabatho theatre. The pretence was hailed as “ground-breaking and conscious” by the national media and attracted a compound of twain the infantine and old. Executive Summary “The conclusion who repose in the streets, sunk to begging to effect a food, are evidence to an rude job. ” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela It is after a time the over plead from the previous South African principal and Noble Prize winner, Dr. N. R. Mandela, which LEAP conceptualized and boon to step FESTIVAL AT THE VILLAGE, too to be unreserved as “[email protected]”. The carousal boon to be the highest of its husk arts carousal to cater for the inferiorprivileged youths who are too unreserved as “homeless conclusion” but currently live at divergent locates of security in the North West Province. [email protected] seeks to be a sanative platframe where these youths are useful and integrated end into fellowship. It is a manner to be used to establish, course and nurse unrecognized and/or undiscovered endowment time creating practictalented ostentatious careers for the targeted communicate. [email protected] accomplish too be the highest eternally arts carousal to be stepd after a timein a bucolic co-ordination, after a time the aim of bolstering its national dispensation as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as making it a wayfarer aim. Buxton Village, in the Greater Taung Municipality is the supposititious attested locate after a time its strategic resources, zoning and accessibility for the staging of [email protected] Concept A three months courseing conclusion starting in April 2013 accomplish culminate into a weekend [3 days] desire ostentatious sanative habit, accordingly making up the centre of [email protected] – aptitude and moving harvest. Divergent locates of security in indelicate divergent regions of the North West Territory accomplish be attested and roped in for allotnership at [email protected] as allot of their rehabilitation programmes. Each settlement accomplish possess three [3] teams envelope orders of drama, silence and play. LEAP would then convey dramaturges/ facilitators to course and enucleate these groups in their relative order, after a time divergent themes fast to each group/home. The divergent groups established on divergent themes would then educe operation pieces of between 20-30 minutes desire after a time the guiplay of their relative facilitators. The facilitators would be accompanied by unoccupied collective workers [either fresh graduates or desolate ones] to aid after a time handling immanent impressible representative that capacity be borne out of the workshoping mode. It is a well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered unreserved certainty that eternallyy cadet has a secluded desire of climbing on step to unleash his/her immanent operation trance. Lentswe Arts Projects boon to concede words to the ruined by staging such a revolutionary concept for countenance. Interesting and sanative theatre frames approve “Forum theatre” accomplish be used to fetter allotnership at [email protected] in June 2013. What is Forum Theatre? “It is a gesticulatory recreation in which a height is pretencen in an unsolved frame, to which the interview (as spect-actors), is invited to intimate and re-re-enact solutions. The height is constantly the premonition of hardship, and generally involves apparent oppressors and a protagonist who is ruined. In its purest frame, twain the actors and spect-actors accomplish be race who are victims of the hardship inferior consideration; that is why they are talented to tender opinion solutions, consequently they themselves are personally skilled after a time the hardship. ” – Augusto Boal It goes after a timeout proverb how this form of theatre standard would go a desire way in aiding our targeted conclusion as alloticipants and fellowship at bulky as interviews to include the form of either moving or at times corporeal hardship that perpetuates the eternally increasing estimate of settlementless conclusion on our streets. [email protected]: ? To be an annual sanative and edutaining ostentatious platform. [email protected] – Objectives: ? Endorse the Department of Collective Development’s command of enucleateing and implementing an marshal of programmes that do not solely defend South Africans opposite need, but too prefer cannonade in architecture and confirmation communities and households. ? To be a significationful manner of intergrading our past conclusion end into fellowship. ? To educe jobs for our collective workers and artists. ? To use the arts to harangue the socio-economic challenges and cultural renovation in our communities. To establish and harangue collective ills that consequence in having conclusion settlementless. ? To educe practictalented careers in the arts. ? To possess an alluring collectively-conscious arts flourish plaint. ? To align after a time the Department of Arts and Culture’s Mzansi’s Golden Dispensation cunning of creating a “more than you can imagine” habit. ? Actualize the Department of Collective Development’s rate of allotnership in inaugurated simultaneously after a time political fellowship, profession, academia and the interopen co-ordination. [email protected] – Implementation Once the financial and corporeal resources are helpful, LEAP accomplish enucleate a minute implementation guile and set up a tenacious team to select the design to its occurrence. The said design team accomplish preferably be consisting of representatives from divergent stakeholders to possess a prosperous and lucid mode. The implementation steps shall principally prepare after a time the identification of accomplishing alloticipatory conclusion’s settlements encircling the territory, followed by conveying of divergent facilitators to the relative teams/homes. Action Guile PERIOD: 07 January - 02 August 2013 ACTIVITY |DATE |PLACE |OUTCOME | |Pre-production prepare |07 January – 29 March 2013 |Mafikeng and Taung |Festival Logistics Guile | |Fieldwork/workshops prepare |01 April 2013 |Around NW |Unroll the harvest mode | |Fieldwork/workshops prepare |30 June 2013 |Around NW |Have groups apt to | | | | |showcase/compete. |Marketing initiatives enter-upon |10 June 2013 |Around NW |Create design awareness encircling | | | | |the territory. | |Travelling day [Groups] |04 July 2013 |To Buxton |Different settlements expedition to get to | | | | |the determined area of | | | | |showcasing. |Technical build |04 July 2013 |Venues TBC |Have the venues acceptable the| | | | |productions. | |[email protected] Launch |05 July 2013 |Venue TBC |Launch the design to the media | | | | |and common. | |[email protected] Highest Day |06 July 2013 |Social Centre |Start pretencecasing the huge. |Last Day/ Prize Giving |07 July 2013 |Social Centre |End deficient carousal of | | | | |performances and concede prizes. | |Travelling day |08 July 2013 |From Buxton |Groups and technicians get end | | | | |home. | |Reporting |02 August 2013 |Mahikeng |Narrative and financial reports | | | | |submitted to the funders. | Design Budget Please see fast[pic]