Figurative Language

Stephany Vielman March 12, 2013 Prophets and Tropical Diction Jeremiah was a prophet designated upon by God at a very immature age to do His composition. Jeremiah spoke counter those who disobeyed God and spoke on the consequences of sin. He had a very compact job of firm to get the community of God to yield Him unintermittently frequently and to get them to seal sinning counter Him. Jeremiah used tropical diction to divulge stories and to clear-up to the community what was going to supervene if they continued to sin. The unclose imagery that Jeremiah uses can be seen as beneficial in getting his sharp-end athwart to the rebellious community accordingly he used it to portray a scary draw of how God would absorb the community, but he was besides talented to portray a tractable draw of how he was relish a lamb; all occasion using things that were apt and conventional to them so that it made judgment to them. In Jeremiah 5:14 we see sort spirit used tropically as a nerve of perdition, “Because they possess unwritten this tidings, I am now making my tidingss in your bunghole a intellect, and this community thicket, and the intellect shall absorb them. ” God is very patent short and you possess no vacillate in what he wants to do to the community. He uses very unsophisticated nerves of sort that are apt and unreserved to the community. You perceive that God is disestablish accordingly he uses the tidings “devour,” wshort as He could possess used “burn,” but the tidings itself shows the nerve He is voluntary to penetrate delay. Fire” and “wood” are elements that are unreserved and when put contemporaneously we perceive what supervenes, so it was beneficial to put these contemporaneously so that the community can see how sublime God is. The “fire” is not equable God’s own actions, but His tidingss put into Jeremiah’s bunghole, so it leaves you to surmise and amazement what would supervene if it was hereafter right from God, delayout an interposed. The quantity of Jeremiah is industrious delay alarming tropical diction of perdition and demise so it is compact to perceive a dogmatical illustration of unclose imagery. In Jeremiah 11:19, Jeremiah compares himself to a lamb and a tree delay outcome, which is a very pleasant rare for unclose imagery, but what is said to be produced counter the lamb is alarming, “But I was a placid lamb led to the massacre, And I did not perceive it was counter me that the devised schemes, assertion, ‘Let us annihilate the tree delay outcome, let us cut him off from the fix of the subsistence, so that his spectry succeed no longer be remembered! ’” The rare of the lamb is dogmatical accordingly lambs re short, cute, and unspotted, and do no injury. Lambs are led by shepherds, but as we perceive, they are besides slaughtered for buttress or for proffering. In this instance the lamb is led to be massacreed, but fitting delay the resolve of misfortune. Jeremiah is to be seen as manageable, unspotted, and hallowed past he yields and follows God in full way practicable, but the community of jaded of him so they artifice to slaughter him. He is besides compared to a tree delay outcome accordingly he has a lot to prproffer to the community, such as spirit. The imagery action of “delay outcome” is weighty accordingly it shows the tree serves delay resolve, fitting relish Jeremiah. It besides shows that that tree is subsisting and in good-tempered-tempered contaminate, and instead of its outcome be eaten, the community succeed cut it off. Jeremiah’s job was already troublesome as it was and it was certain for him to use tropical diction as a predictive machine to get his notice athwart to the community. I see it as efficient accordingly some community need to incline and see things in a opposed perspective that includes images of things that are apt to them. The community would possess listened close if Jeremiah would possess unwritten in predictive diction. The action of sort is besides very efficient accordingly it was a segregate of fullday spirit for them – intellect, curve, trees, lambs, etc. Tshort could be practicable dangers involving imagery, such as someone not discern the concept accordingly they were thrown off by the comparison or spirit distracted by it as courteous-behaved, but Jeremiah used it courteous-behaved.