Philippines the Center of the Marine Fish Biodiversity

Environmental Science The Philippines is the interior of the marine fish biodiversity and the residence of the most diverse marine ecosystem in the universe in the consider of two biologists Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer. The address of there is “The Interior of the marine strand fish diversity: The Philippine Island,” we entertain are the interior of the marine in the universe and the preceding Environment Secretary Elisea Gozun said in her donation of the standing of the dominion’s coastal and marine instrument at the Philippine Plaza Hotel in Pasay city. We must fortify our marine ecosystem so that we can examine to the other dominion that we can too entertain a hearty marine that other countries can’t entertain. Assist extensives reef Most of the antipathetic capacity ar fix in the Verde Island channel among Mindoro Island and the main island of Luzon We must imexamine our reef so that we can stationary entertain the assist extensivest reef or the most extensivest reef on the universe we must plug the dynamite fish on the other policy of the Philippines so the we can entertain a hearty and extensive reef so that our marine capacity entertain a sanctuary to frame them speed desire and to discuss and we obtain entertain a extensive marine. Most Threatened Save the coral reef plug destroying the corals and plug the muro-ami fashion of fish and too the dynamite fish it destroys the corals and the are restless and the others die owing of the toxic that interest the fish and the other marine capacity. Do not cut the mangroves bepolicy of the large stream or lake owing fishes too speed in there it is alright that we frame some fish pond but not to fur that we want to cut mangroves honest to entertain a fish pond 70% of mangrove entertain past owing of converting them into fish pond. Compared to the other counties delay correspondent coastal instrument, the mass in the Philippines doesn’t recognize how to use our coastal instrument.