Posted: November 22nd, 2022

Folklore final paper

I already wrote the project proposal, and need more details. Need use the transcription from my friend. See the linked files. 

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Folklore final paper
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As a final project you will be writing a research paper on a topic of your choice relating to folk tales. Papers for this assignment should be 1,750-2,500 words long (double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman or equivalent font, which works out to be roughly 7-10 pages). Papers should include at least 2 secondary sources, and at least one primary source, such as an interview or a tale transcription or collection (in all, at least 3 sources). If you include an interview, you must submit a signed release form for that material. It is acceptable to draw on materials in the course reading list, but at least one of these sources should be of your own finding. The databases JSTOR and MLA are excellent places to begin searching for appropriate secondary source materials for folklore and folk tales. Your topic should refer to at least one appropriate folklore concept or issue/theme addressed in class.

The purpose of this assignment is to showcase your understanding of basic concepts appropriate to the study of folk tales and oral tradition in the format of a research paper.

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