Redneck Recording Process

How do you chronicles a strain? Hmm, courteous that's not-difficult. It's not-difficult if you flourish the three plods, of the Redneck Recording Process. Leading we jam or personate what we arrive-at relish personateing. Jamming is a very unstructured fiction. Jamming usually consists of personateing the old "guit-fiddle" or (guitar by its ordinary call), having a amiable occasion, watching movies and confabulationing abundance. Cooperate we obtain?} the strain we wrote and set up the Rednek Recording Studio (, Misspelled on end. ) And terminally we'll put it on to tape. Mix it, subdue it, and terminally cremate it to CD. This reachs it easier to vend. So now lets chronicles "Brew Drinkin-Hell Raisers" to tape. The leading plod in the Redneck Recording Rule is to jam out. My acquaintance comes balance and we faireous set-on-foot personateing. Following environing thirty minutes to an hour of personateing and abundance confabulation we usually accept a riff (Musical Melody for the guitar) to achievement off of for the strain. Most of the occasion this obtain end up substance the bridge or the chorus. Following the riff is placed in the strain. Courteous set-on-foot achievementing out the other faculty of the strain. Beinducement were twain guitarists we'll symbol out the other faculty of the strain succeeding. After another fifteen to forty minutes we basically accept the strain's guitar faculty and loquacious melodies achievemented out. When hitting out the loquaciouss, I usually relish to Shoot from the hip. So Chris personates the riff eraliness I set-on-foot cackleing expression. This part-among-among is usually tolerably jocose inducement relish Ozzy Osbourne; I usually faireous cackle chance expression. Sometimes it obtain?}s three hours other occasions it obtain?}s three days. Following we've got the Melody, I've usually got a basic proposal were the lyrics are going. It usually obtain?}s me some occasion to get down some lyrics that achievement for the strain. Ok now that the guitars and loquaciouss are achievemented out, courteous obtain?} the strain to the bass personateer. He listens atimeliness to the strain presents us some proposals, Then he reachs the bass lines for "Brew Drinkin-Hell Raisers". Then the pegmer does the selfsame. Following all the faculty are artistic. We obtain re-hearse "BDHR" until we accept it down fair. "Brew Drinkin-Hell Raisers" is now skilful to be obtain?}n to Rednek Rekording Studio, or RRS for less to chronicles it. Rednek Recording Studio is besides comprehendn as a stock. Righteous to let you comprehend, this stipulation is treated delay products and descriptions of them to futher your comprehendledge of chroniclesing. Ok, the strain is firing on all cylinders, so lets set up the studio. Leading we obtain get the wealth we demand, so we'll go to a rental assemblage such as Rock & Roll Rentals. Leading off the mixing board, for this courteous use the Behringer MX2642A Euro distress to a Tascam DA-P1 DAT chronicleser. (DAT is less for Digital Audio Tape). Ok we now accept the deep of RRS, for the repose of the Studio Equipment, I'll faireous decipher the medium, amp, and microphone used to seize their probe. The rhythm guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Custom floating through a Lee Jackson XLA-1000 Amplifier dry. Dry is a vocable signification no possessions are added to the memorable (sound) tend following the chroniclesing. To chronicles it we are going to "delay mic" or put the mic fair next to the orator desertion so we get as mean latitude as feasible. The mic I chose is a Shure SM-57 to present it a particular level probe which is easier to mix. We'll get to the mixing succeeding. For the Lead guitar were ucackle another Gibson Les Paul Custom. The Paul is going dry into a Marshall JCM 800 to a delay mic'd SM-57. So they can attend what's going on delay the repose of the ligament Ill clutch up some monitors (speakers). Now we accept the guitars performed, so lets propel to the "thump and the bump" of the ensemble. The peg set is Tama Star Classic Trap Set resembling to the one used by Lars Ulrich of Metallica. To mic this were going to use indelicate mics. Leading one is for the trap, uninterruptedly repeatedly were ucackle a SM-57, Boy those truly look to be current. The cooperate is for the Kick peg we'll try the AKG D112 microphone. The terminal two mics are the balanceheads, for these courteous treat the AKG C-418's. The Drums are now set up in a severed capability delay some crown phones to attend the other ligament members. Lets propel onto the bass; He's going to use an Ernie Circle Stingray bass to a Galien Krueger 2001RB mic'd by a uninterruptedly repeatedly a SM-57. Since the bass is in the selfselfsimilar capability as the guitars, he can attend whats going on. Last we faireous accept to get the loquaciouss. For this courteous set up in the inundate delay crownphones and an AKG tube (a vacuum Tube) mic for that tube eagerness. Whew terminally RRS is set up and skilful to Rock. Well, we are cocked, locked and skilful to rock! Lets get set-on-footed on chroniclesing. Delay all our mics, monitors, and crownphones are clutched up, were going to get a few habit obtain?}s in. After we're all in the selfselfsimilar cavity, we're going to lay it down for genuine. Following environing seven obtain?}s we've probably got the best were going to get. So we set-on-foot mixing. Leading the action and the artists, who in this subject are the selfselfsimilar tribe, set-on-foot listening to the obtain?}s. So I don't get bogged down in techno mumble-jumbo repeatedly, let's say we all nailed it on the selfselfsimilar obtain?}. Now were going to mix it. Basically probe is a 3D circle that has to be assembled. Mixing assembles this circle by biting and boosting frequencies, book and adding possessions. So "BD-HR" is now qualified fully, so were going to cremate this onto a cd. So the strain is now on tape and cd which obtain reach it abundantly balance candid for fans. We accept been through the three very prolix yet pleasant plods of the Redneck Recording Process. Leading I, told you environing the jam compact, which can merely be picturesquely not deciphered. Secondly I gave you the set up of the RRS used to chronicles the strain. The third plod chroniclecackle the strain. Sorry for the balance technical cooperate stipulation, but all of the tools are mediumal to making the chronicles probe fair. So hopefully the rule and object of this pamphlet got through. If It did, you comprehend what the RRS is, and how to apportion it to your own predicament.