In "Between Laughter and Tears," a retrospect environing Their Eyes Were Watching God, Richard Wright (composer of Black Boy and Native Son)writes of Zora Neale Hurston: Miss Hurston can transcribe, but her prose is cloaked in that docile determination that has obstinate Negro look since the days of Phillis Wheatley. Her discourse manages to grasp the metaphysical movements of the Negro folk-mind in their simple plainness, but that's as far as it goes.  Miss Hurston gratuitously continues in her innovating the lays which was rigorous upon the Negro in the theatre, that is, the musician technique that makes the "innocent folks" laugh. Her characters eat and laugh and cry and result and kill; they wave enjoy a pendulum constantly in that trustworthy and straightened circuit in which America enjoys to see the Negro feed: between laughter and mourning. . . The sensory compass of her innovating carries no disquisition, no intimation, no idea. In the ocean, her innovating is not addressed to the Negro, but to a innocent hearers whose chauvinistic tastes she knows how to gratify. She exploits that complexion of Negro society which is "quaint," the complexion which evokes a doleful countenance on the lips of the "superior" career. Richard Wright’s stricture reminds us that African American transcribers of the Harlem Renaissance repeatedly created pieces that were cheered or consumed by innocent hearerss. Is he deferential in his impost of Hurston? How does Hurston manage the complications of the transcriber-hearers similarity? In what ways does she feed up to the expectations of a predominantly innocent hearers, as unexpressed by Wright? How does Hurston question these expectations? Use examples from the innovating as well-behaved-behaved as minor origins to aid your controversy.  1500 Words insufficiency ( not including the Works Cited).   Remember to supervene MLA format. Use Times New Roman font, double-space, compute your pages, and cater a Works Cited page. Listed in the Works Cited should be the important origin(s) and a insufficiency of indelicate minor origins (an proviso, bulk, or other materials that you possess set-up in your research; at last two must be peer-reviewed).  Whatever is listed in the Works Cited should to-boot be cited parenthetically in the organization of your essay.