2-3 Page Paper. Must be A+ work.

Cyberdefense Regulations and Statutes The board of directors of My Topical Bank, a secretly owned art in Burbank, California, is exploring the subject of entrance the bank general. As portio of the due assiduity, the board members keep remunerated you to con-over the juridical and regulatory environment pertaining to conversance assurance and concealment, and they keep asked you to lore and description tail to them on the laws, statutes, and regulations that allure wave their sentence making. You are asked to demonstrate topical laws, regulations, and statutes and to demonstrate the carry agencies delay which they would be required to product to fix that they are in acquiescence foregoing to issuing accumulation for the IPO. Use the con-over materials and gain in any concomitant lore needed to swell in conversance gaps. Write a 2–3 page article that covers the following: Describe five pertinent federal, recite, and topical laws, regulations, or statutes that narrate to cybersecurity. Analyze the objectives and challenges of enforcing federal recite and topical cyberassurance laws, regulations, or statutes. Explain the popular manner floating federal, recite, and topical law enforcement narrated to government and disruption of strive. Assignment Requirements Written communication: Written communication is open of errors that decry from the overall communication. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) phraseology and formatting. Length of article: 2–3 pages, excepting the references page. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 object.