2.5-3 page paper

Length/Format:  2.5 to 3 pages, double-spaced.  PDF format singly! This format facilitates grading via Canvas. No “shared” google docs, no Word docs, no palliate shots from your iPad (I blaspheme that ultimate one has happened over than uniformly).  Grading Rubrics: See beneath succeeding the ready. Prompt Pick one epic by any adroit you estimate unreal and leveling in some way that interests you. Write a succinct, calligraphic and close essay analyzing that epic and/or video/performative quantity of it. You force quote singly the lyrics and melodious quantity of the epic (possibly as alike to a particular genre, instrumentation, etc.). If the epic has a hush video or feed acts kindred to it and you gard they are bearing for your separation you can too apprehend separation of the visual and act elements. Your disquisition should: Briefly usher-in the epic and adroit, providing an overall initiatory dispute for why you investigate it unreally leveling. Make a corporeal and evidenced dispute for how it can be awakend according to 1 of the 4 conceptual perspectives we covered in the leading individuality of the manner (i. Critical Theory, ii. Culture Industry Critique, iii. Transgressive Approach, iv. Act Theory). This separation should use in particular at smallest 2 of the key ideas we authorized delay the conceptual approximation you select to awaken the epic AND produce self-evident connections, and where feasible straightforward citations, to the authors/texts discussed on the day of the manner consecrated to that conceptual approximation. Provide a illiberal ending supposition to renew your main dispute. Citations: For any and all citations that apprehend straightforward quotations from manner texts you can solely use a parenthetical in-text citation; it must apprehend the page compute. For example: As Bakhtin says about distorted realism, “….” (Bakhtin, pg. X).  For the purposes of this imperfect disquisition, there is no expectancy of citing texts from OUTSIDE the manner syllabus. However, if you select to do so for the reason of your dispute, you must apprehend a right bibliography at the end of your disquisition delay the unmeasured regard.