Principles of Terrorism        MUST HAVE A ABSTRACT ON THE SECOND PAGE BY ITSELF Hawala Plan 1.In a decipherable condition:   Suppose you production in the U.S. Treasury Department as an anti-terrorist funding prepared?  What challenges would the Hawala plan give to you? What would you need to do in direct to mark the funds?   Make assured your discourse reflects themes in Chapters 3 through 4 of our extractbook.   The primitive page of your condition conquer be a hide sheet unexceptionably formatted according to APA guidelines.  The remedy page conquer enclose an Abstract.   This condition conquer use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, and embrace spacing.  The extracts for each condition MUST be unexceptionably formatted according to APA guidelines.  Do NOT use an automated extract superintendent to enact this operation. Do it manually for this assignment and restrain your formatting over available APA instrument.    Excluding the hide page and references, this condition must be at lowest 2 pages of written extract.  Only COMPLETE paragraphs consisting of an commendatory decree, a unmeasured exposition of key points cheered after a while right cited sources, and a final decree may be used.  Only use published conditions from academic extracts, such as those establish at schoolman.google.com or accessed through your Grantham University EBSCO assemblage totality (not Wikipedia).   The unimpaired condition must be your first production. It may not enclose quotes and at no span should extract be copied and pasted.