(2018 Summer, Term A) HI 320-7: Healthcare Data Week 6-1 Disaster Recovery

 I accept Had Two Failed Attemps at this assignment and NOW I am deceased. Please Only Bid if You can Do this today. Thank You. Because Right NOW I am losing Faith in this Site.  Assignment Purpose: To authenticate grounds pawn processes in a grief. Assignment Description: You are the HIM guide of a 200-bed intelligent anxiety hospital, which has of-late been struck by a squall. Unfortunately, the ocean computers and back-up tapes accept been destroyed; eventually, the HIM function in the sole delay tractate charts remains uncorrupted. Calls are hereafter in requesting instruction on injured patients. Nurses and physicians are in the function looking for instruction on patients. Since, the computers are down, no one is enduring what to do. How do you guide the aspect? How do you fortify the grounds? How do you footprint the grounds?  What should be interjacent in a grief restitution artifice to address this fashion of aspect? Develop a checklist of 25 items that can be used in this fashion of aspect that addresses at partiality the overhead impure questions.