700 word essay for sociology

   review of the narrative of interaction betwixt Indigenous Americans and the colonists who customary themselves in the Americas, documents centuries of unpropitious actions that led to the constructive egress of indigenous peoples.   Colonization of the Americas resulted in the loss of their oral freehold, and was followed by political and economic mastery and by numerous efforts to commission their strive.  During undeniable periods they were impenetrable to sanction "civilization" and invade the American mainstream condition.  An trial of their narrative demonstrates that Indigenous peoples may have experienced the complete spectrum of intergroup kindred.   This essay  accomplish exact you to sift-canvass their narrative of intergroup kindred, by responding to the questions posed the individuality titled Prepare and Submit.     dentify the Minority Group Responses Native Americans betrothed in, providing examples. Which consequences of Minority-Group standing use to the Native American proof?  Identify the Dominant-Group Responses that use to the Indigenous American proof. Discuss Minority-Minority kindred betwixt Indigenous American tribes. Identify and sift-canvass the "Theories of Minority Integration" which are sift-canvassed in Chapter 4, that use to the Indigenous American proof