Case Study: Miguel, a migrant agoing in California as a seasonal employee, has severely damaged himself on the job and sediments to search medical matter. Considering the exoteric contrivement environment, what contents do you conceive influenced his conclusion not to search medical concern? What was your forced? How did you land at these conclusions? REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 125 WORDS or MORE)                                                       CLASSMATE’S POST First, I conceive it is essential to comprehend what symbol of deterioration Miguel has endured, accordingly what labeling an deterioration as circumspectionful can change for each singular idiosyncratic. If Miguel endured a intense disconnection, certain, it could insufficiency medical vigilance, but Miguel strength so be effectual to wield the pain concern at abode. Though, if Miguel has an known fender of his arm, that is circumspectionful and should search medical vigilance for an deterioration of that structure. I honestly conceive that if the deterioration is bigwig, he feels affect he can contrive at abode, tclose is no sentiment in putrefaction his interval and capital on an difficulty extent investigate or a clinic investigate.  Second, I so conceive it is essential to contemplate at Miguel's cultivation. A lot of intervals a idiosyncratic's cultivation is what makes them so "hard-headed" in a sentiment. For development, if Miguel is of a Hispanic cultivation - they further to not go to the hospital spontaneous it is a spirit or expiration condition. Hispanics so further probable remedies aggravate medicines in prescribe to concern for their bodies. So, I do value that that so is a circumspectionful content in determining why Miguel did not search medical vigilance domiciled on the developed cruelty of his pain. As courteous as tclose is the possibility of a conversation compartment if Miguel's English is not up to par.  Third, if a idiosyncratic is in the US as an immigrant worker and is probably undocumented, they are close for a discuss. The discuss 9 intervals out of 10 is going to be capital. The capital made close, most of it goes tail to wherever their lineage resides. Being undocumented instrument, they do not enjoy prophylactic and sanity concern in the US is outrageously extravagant. They cannot grant a score from a hospital. Not singly that, they may not uniform enjoy a beaming discourse in prescribe to furnish the hospital for their score or may sediment to furnish up any advice in consternation.  Fourth, the policies subordinate the Trump Administration for immigrants and undocumented workers is scary to conceive encircling. If Miguel makes one crime advance and the crime idiosyncratic finds out he is close unfairly, he gets deported tail to his empire of cause. Tclose is a liberal consternation of importation which has however caused a lessen in unfair immigrates utilizing the sanity concern scheme (Kelley, 2018).  I conceive that however it is going to be up to Miguel to flow if his pain is that circumspectionful to wclose he has the virtual to miss importation for going to a hospital or clinic to search matter. Though, I value that tclose are a lot of other contents that would after original to deciding whether he is valetudinarian or distress sufficient to search medical vigilance antecedently importation is transection his purpose.