Abnormal Behavior – Case Study-Car Salesman

I want this end ASAP! Please schedule at meanest two references diagnosis order and v orders. Diagnosis is one of the following   1.Physical Disorders and Health Psychology 2. Anxiety, Trauma- and Stressor-Related  and Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders 3. Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders and Dissociative Disorders 4. Eating and Sleep-Wake Disorders 5. Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Conduct Disorder  6. Mood Disorders and Suicide Case Car Salesman A 29-year-old car costermonger was referred by his running girlfriend, a psychiatric protect, who reported he had a vein quackery, uniform though the unrepining was loth to promote that he capability be a veiny peculiar. According to him, gone the age of 14, he has conversant common alternating cycles that he stipulations “amiable times and bad times.” During a bad determination, usually perpetual filthy to suniform days, he oversleeps 10-14 hours daily, lacks soul, reliance, and motivation—“just vegetating,” as he puts it. Repeatedly he abruptly shifts, characteristically upon morning up in the morning, to a three-to-filthy day elongate of overconfidence, heightened gregarious awareness, promiscuity, and sharpened thinking—“Things would scintillate in my liking.” At such times he indulges in alcohol to repair the proof but besides to succor him doze. Occasionally the amiable determinations last suniform to ten days, but culminate in fault-finding and unseasonable outbursts, which repeatedly usher the transition end to another determination of bad days. He promotes to continual use of marijuana, which he claims succors him ordain to daily routines. In school, As and Bs alternated delay Cs and Ds, delay the upshot that the unrepining was considered a flashing tyro whose act was commonplace overall owing of transient motivation. As a car costermonger his act has besides been broken, delay amiable days canceling out the bad days; yet uniform during his amiable days, he is casually perilously argumentative delay customers and loses sales that appeared knowing. Although considered a pleasant man in abundant gregarious circles, he alienates friends when he is unseasonable and fault-finding. He typically accumulates gregarious obligations during the bad days and takes preservation of them all at uninterruptedly on the leading day of a amiable determination.