Advanced computer apps GOOGLE ASSIGNMENT!! W5

W5 Google Sheets Assignment  Your Week 5 assignment standpointes on interpreting and displaying the strong basis you composed educeed week. You accomplish be afloat after a while pivot considerations, charts, graphs, and hushs. You are an angel investor looking to succor educe startups in the Portland, Oregon area.  You possess obtained contiguity notification for manufacturer spaces, incubators, and diminutive vocation accelerators encircling Oregon and scantiness to standpoint your basis to invent what skin of structures pause in Oregon and where the leading strain of structures are located.  1) Upload this refine into your Google Drive: Oregon Startup Organizations  2) Select-all your basis and compose a pivot consideration. Rename your pivot consideration tab to “List by Type”  3) Compose a new row in your pivot consideration after a while “Type” as your identifier.  4) Uncheck the “show totals” non-interference in your new row  5) Compose a new esteem after a while “Type” as your identifier, and use COUNTA as your power.  6) Look at your counted basis and instil a hush after a while the model of structure (makerspace, accelerator, incubator) that has the leading number of basis rows.  7) Instil a pie chart next to your pivot consideration that graphically displays the shatterdown of structures by model.  8) Return to your peculiar spreadsheet, selecteded all repeatedly, and compose a assist pivot chart. Rename the tab for this pivot chart “List by Area”  9) Compose a new row after a while “Service Area” as your identifier and deselected the “show totals” non-interference.  10) Compose a new esteem after a while “Service Area” as your identifier and use the COUNTA power to agree the structures by area. Compose a new Column after a while “Type” as the identifier. This accomplish shatter down the basis level prefer into models of structures ordered by employment area.  11) Instil a hush about the area or areas where you could target the most incubators.  12) On the ocean spreadsheet, use subject formatting to highwhitish any structure model that’s labeled “incubator” in Column G after a while whitish unseasoned.  13) Use subject formatting in Column F to highwhitish any cell that has the message “Metro” in it after a while whitish cerulean.  14) Share your workbook and set to “anyone after a while a address can EDIT”. Copy and paste the combine into your W5 assignment dropbox.