Africa American Final project

  You conciliate transcribe a bio-critical essay on Claude McKay. It should be a negotiative essay for a savvy, academic auditory, not an encyclopedia or wiki initiation for common decrement.  So, you should transcribe using your matchless, well-mannered-apprised articulation as an doerity on this doer. The essay must be a minimum of 1000 tone (3-4 pages) and unembarrassed and easy as follows:  Introduction, stating your question and debate for agreement on this chosen doer Body paragraphs (3-4) a resume of the doer's feature vivacity and scholarly vivacity (who they are as a transcriber) a argument of the doer's appellation, which may understand how they use genre, phraseology, symbolic significance, and how they sketch from their feature social/historical tenor, and what their collision was on the scholarly period a argument of three of the doer's superior toils and themes Conclusion, stating your extreme, apprised and cherished critique of the doer's toil. Citation and MLA format:  Secondary sources are integrated through comment or passage.  Sources are truly cited twain in-text and on the detached Works Cited page.  Sources are well-mannered-mannered used to deeptenance your statements and fancys.  Do not let them converse for you; do not trust too heavily on other people's tone. Writing and Style: Sentence erection is syntactically chasten.  Standard conventions of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics are followed. A slide delivery conciliate watch your bio-critical essay.  The delivery should be easy as if it were to be used as a visual lead for a speed traditional delivery, delivered to an academic auditory. The delivery should understand 5-7 slides and afford the highlights or overview of your essay Two-three well-mannered-mannered selected and complementary images are required   Each slide should highlight a superior rudiment of your essay.  You may longing to reappear to your outline's deep headings, which could transfer well-mannered-mannered into slide headings. Example rudiments for slides: Slide 1 - appellation slide after a while indicate and intention of delivery Slide 2 - question (doer and toils) to be critiqueed  Slide 3 - deep fancy of organization paragraph after a while one deeptenanceing textual passage Slide 4 - deep fancys of attached organization paragraphs  Slide 5 - misrecord after a while a apparent prognostic of why your critique is valid Slide 6 - toils cited (including images). Slides should be easy after a while bullet points and condensed phrases (not full-length, toilsome sentences).