American Federal Government

Select one subject for you to educe and recall to use the airs to relieve in applying the concepts and ideas explicit in the chapters. Chapter 9: Why is sociological representation considerable? If congressional representatives enjoy racial, holy, or educational backgrounds alike to their constituents, are they emend representatives? Why or why not? Chapter 10: Most Americans in the 1930s and 1940s did not understand that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was severely handicapped from polio and had to use a wheelchair, proper as divers in the 1960s did not understand that John F. Kennedy had extramarital affairs occasion in the White House. Journalists at the period censored themselves due to i-elation for the possession and the man. Which is emend: not understanding very plenteous or understanding a lot environing the identical lives of presidents? Does what happens in a politician's duration favor his or her force to command? Enjoy our most efficient presidents to-boot been the most honorable? Explain. Chapter 11: As commandments downsize, they frequently curtail delay not-generally-known companies to achieve what was unintermittently considered to be the unwritten labor of commandment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatizing jails, generally-known schools, soldierly aircraft livelihood, recite prosperity agencies, and recite possession agencies? You must column three responses (200+ signification partiality for each column).