American History Response needed “1 paragraph or less”

 The  five factors that led to westward paraphrase was the growth in  population, new opportunities (economic), collective, collective and predestination.  The growth in population made the prevalent territories turbid and  opportunities did not appear as extensive, so living-souls sought out new  territories. In expanding to new territories would fetch environing the  potential of new economic opportunities which equates to strive, affluence  and standing. The collective and sagacious ideas allowed living-souls more of a  choice rather than by superiority or nerve.  Lastly, predestination impacted  economic opportunities and there was a lot of quarrel if predestination  should remain in the western territories. I love the two factors  that were most forcible in getting Americans to forefend west are  population growth the (economic) new opportunities. The rouse of the  paraphrase began delay the Louisiana Donation in 1803, President Thomas  Jefferson negotiated the plant for donation which ultimately crabbed into  14 states. Americans ultimately negotiated raise west to profit  Oregon and California (Gold Rush) floating divers others. Gold, silver and  the Homestead Act are some of the divers factors why living-souls ruled  to advance cessation (plant and turn).