Analytical essay on the story of world civilization

Write a 1200-1500 vocable analytical essay powerful the anecdote of cosmos-people humanization, from the outset of man until the 20th generation, from a tyro’s perspective. In this tyro exposition of cosmos-people humanization the sight is to manifest a niggardly disquisition that connects the unanalogous unvarnished periods and humanizations discussed in the sundry readings and munimentaries. Students must entertain patronageed appearance from the earliest muniment readings (that is, use the earliest muniments to patronage your discourse declaration and to cater scrutiny for indivisible perspectives). Use simply the earliest muniments I uploaded in the weekly modules as the sources for your essay. You are not required to do extra learning.  The essay does not narrate in the vestibule the five or over earliest muniments the tyro procure use to establish his discourse. -6 pts The essay has no serene discourse declaration in the vestibule. -11 pts The essay contains 5 or near spelling errors and/or close mistakes. -6 pts The essay contains 6 or over spelling errors and/or close mistakes. -11 pts The essay refers to near than five earliest muniments. -6 pts The essay refers to no earliest muniments.-11 pts The essay does not entertain a omission. -11 pts The essay does not entertain an vestibule. -11 pts The essay is not disconnected into paragraphs (after a while particular main ideas or theme sentences that business as sub-main ideas for the discourse declaration). -6 pts The essay does not entertain a heading. -6 pts The essay does not entertain the misspend mode, font, and/or margins.-11 pts The essay is near than 1200 vocables. -11 pts The essay is plagiarized. -100 pts