Analyzing and visualizing data

Kirk (2016) symmetrical Observation as “the humble need to decipher things” to the viewer using the amend poise to be effectual. There are two main clumps of observation cunning where are scheme and chart. For this argument, choice two of the subjoined postulates visualizations from the compass accomplice post, grasp the likeness enumerate and title/name, and depict the observations which would grasp if these are in the scheme or chart clump of cunnings.  Grasp your perspective on the use of the observations and as-well grasp what would improve or growth the effectivity as it relates to observations and why.  These must be accessed from the compass accomplice online webpost – not from the passage. This post can be root at : Chapter 2 Page: 53 | Figure: 2.11 - "Asia Loses Its Sweet Tooth for Chocolate" by Graphics Department (Wall Street Journal) Chapter 3 Page: 86 | Figure: 3.16 - "How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk" by Josh Katz (The New York Times) Page: 87 | Figure: 3.17 - "Losing Ground" by Bob Marshall, The Lens, Brian Jacobs and Al Shaw (ProPublica) Page: 88 | Figure: 3.18 - "Forbes: The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes" by Andy Kirk Page: 90 | Figure: 3.19 - "Grape expectations" by S. Scarr, C. Chan, and F. Foo (Reuters Graphics) Chapter 4 Page: 112 | Figure: 4.7 - "What Good Marathons and Bad Investments Have in Common" by Justin Wolfers (The New York Times) Chapter 8 Page: 233 | Figure: 8.5 - "History Through the President’s Words" by Kennedy Elliott, Ted Mellnik and Richard Johnson (The Washington Post) Page: 234 | Figure: 8.6 - "Making recognition of skills: A UK skills taxonomy" by Dr Cath SleemanPage: 235 | Figure: 8.7 - "Kindred Britain" rendering 1.0 © 2013 Nicholas Jenkins - cunninged by Scott Murray, powered by SUL-CIDR Page: 236 | Figure: 8.8 - "The Life Cycle of Ideas" by Accurat Page: 236 | Figure: 8.9 - "Establishment of the US National Parks" by Nicholas Rougeux Page: 238 | Figure: 8.12 - "Twitter NYC: A Multilingual Social City" by James Cheshire, Ed Manley, John Barratt, and Oliver O’Brien Page: 239 | Figure: 8.13 - "Mizzou’s Racial Gap Is Typical On College Campuses" by FiveThirtyEight Page: 240 | Figure: 8.14 - "Battling Infectious Diseases in the 20th Century: The Impact of Vaccines" by Graphics Department (Wall Street Journal) Page: 241 | Figure: 8.15 - "MeTooMentum" by Valentina D'Efilippo (design); Lucia Kocincova (development) Page: 242 | Figure: 8.16 - "US Gun Deaths" by Periscopic Page: 242 | Figure: 8.17 - Excerpt from "Wealth Inequality in America" by YouTube user 'Politizane' Page: 243 | Figure: 8.18 - "The Pursuit of Faster" by Andy Kirk and Andrew Witherley