Annotated Bibliography

Minimum of 8 erudite resources Introduction You procure production on a elimination scheme for the prolongation of this route that you procure pronounce as a delivery. Here is a petty breakdown of the scheme so that you can intention your interval in the route: Week Task Week 3 Topic Selection Week 5 Annotated Bibliography Week 6 Script Week 8 Presentation Instructions Now that you possess clarified a theme for your terminal delivery, this week you procure scarcity to erect your annotated bibliography using APA diction. For this assignment, you scarcity to choice a partiality of 8 commencements that you intention on using for your delivery and then erect the remarks for each commencement. The concept of erecting a bibliography is positively not new for most students, but you may not be as snug adding remarks to the bibliography entries. After you choice a commencement and relation it in APA format, erect the remark for the commencement. The remark is unquestionably regular sympathetic a few questions environing the commencements itself and uniformly you confutation these questions this allot of the assignment almost creates itself. Confutation the forthcoming 6 questions for each commencement: Main aim of the commencement Intended hearers for the commencement Relevance to your theme (or teach why it was not pertinent to your theme) Author's elucidation and credibility Author's conclusions or observations Your conclusions or observations Writing Requirements (APA format) Length: 3-5 pages (not including address page or relations page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page References page (partiality of 8 erudite commencements)