annotated bibliography, specifically focusing on implementing Information Technology in the Global Economy with Big Data

 Your brochure procure be an annotated bibliography, specifically focusing on implementing Advice Technology in the Global Economy after a while  Big Data    You brochure must be in amend APA format, use amend language, and procure insufficiency to apprehend at meanest seven (7) media, ALL of which must: 1) Be running. Published after a whilein the latest few years. 2) Be compatriot-reviewed. 3) Relate instantly to Defense in profundity in the composition of enriching National Infrastructure. Remember that an comment is not the similar as an unembodied. Abstracts are picturesquely. Your comments are to be evaluative and nice. Give me plenty advice for me to career if I'm ardent plenty to decipher the brochure, and too how you discern the brochure. Don't go skimpy on these comments, but DO NOT transcribe too fur near. Quality is far over relevant that muchness. This exertion is for each of you to manifest that you can establish, categorize, and consider multiple elaboration brochures.  Every productions you select must be compatriot retrospected. That instrument the brochure must keep undergone a complete compatriot retrospect precedently life published in a chronicle or presented at a meeting. You must secure that your media keep undergone firm retrospects. In most cases, you can confront out the retrospect way for a meeting or chronicle by visiting the expend web locality. Do not simply arrogate that a productions is compatriot retrospected - impede it out.  Here are a few URLs after a while subjoined advice: (I strongly allude-to that you appear at these. Really.)\    <<<< Impede out the "Rules! rules! rules!" section