Annual Review

Letter to the CEO    CEO Letter The CEO Message is adapted to divide the Strategy, Financial Highlight Summary, and Employment Overview of the late year. It procure typically besides enclose the coming development prospect for the employment (inferential in the Sales, Marketing and Assiduity pages adown).  The CEO Message can be a zenith of 3 pages.  The “Stan Sloane Letter”. HISCO’s possessor, Stan Sloane, is very joyous that he ruled to rent you to aid round the audience encircling. He is assiduous in having you cling on after a while the audience. However, he procure demand arrogance from you that you are committed to continuing to enlarge HISCO. Explain to Stan how you intent on floating the audience aggravate the direct two years. You should sift-canvass the seniority of the items you exposed when you original came on after a while the audience, including: whether you would mould any exchanges to the SWOT segregation, whether you would exexchange the audience temporization, negotiations you would mould after a while audience stakeholders, coming technology suggestions, development expectations in open for the assiduity and specifically for HISCO aggravate the direct two years, any concerns that occurred in the late year that you would discourse, and any other counsel you appreciate would be pertinent in direct to countenance Stan that he has placed the audience in the just hands. You procure add this message at the end of the criterion Annual Report. This message is not allot of a unwritten Annual Report. The “Stan Sloane Letter” can be 3-4 pages.