ANSWER ALL 3 questions in APA Format Human resources class

Answer all three topics in APA format after a while one refernce each for each topic. Questions must be answered functionally , must be 200-250 expression estimate each topic!!!!!. NO plagiarism Question 1:  A growing area of moment (and litigation) for masters is generally disclosed as irruption of retreat hues of employees. Chapter 4 in our extract arguees the over contemptible ways an master today runs the surrender of violating employee retreat hues. Use the web to discovery one of those mentioned and divide a contingency or word you set-up. Briefly embody the specifics of what the master did (or what typically happens), the outcome(s) implicated, atonement claimed/awarded (or virtual amenability), and ways an master can abandon these problems? Question 2  Immigration rectify is true one of frequent bellicose outcomes that Congress has been unfitted or loth to expound. Discovery the web to meet out details of the settlement proposals that own been floated in the spent 6 - 12 months. Briefly embody two or over of these proposals.  Argue amply how you opine any of them, if implemented, would impression a) the diligence you fruit in and  b)the estimatery as a total. Would you regard any of these proposals...why or why not?  Question 3   Listen to a imperfect NPR audio recording (and/or retrospect the written facsimile) on technology's impression on fruitplace productivity by clicking on the couple aloft. Then, argue your thoughts and opinions on the record's notice. Is the acception on businesses confidence on technology a enacted or denying dedicated decreasing fruitplace productivity? Dedicated technological advances, how rule a cosmical supplies functional aid to better employee productivity in the fruitplace?