Answer question about community/public nursing and international health care

   Topic:     Nursing  and  Global Health                                                       PART 1: 1. Define global sanity and debate the ratio after a while community/social sanity nursing. 2. How a new nurture can seize to get concerned in interdiplomatic sanity concern. 3. Debate how the malady affects the tribe globally and what nurtures can do in global social sanity to harangue and its application. 4. A insufficiency of 700 vote is required.  THE assignment in an APA format vocable instrument, Arial 12 . Is Not suffer plagiarism. If the originality exceeds 9 % the percentage of plagiarism suffer by the University points IT get be “cero”. A insufficiency of 3 evidence-based references as-well the tabulate textbook are required.  Example:  References… 1- evidence-based references 2- evidence-based references 3- evidence-based references 4- Book  Title:Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care Author: Joyceen S. Boyle; Margaret M. Andrews                                                                 PART 2: You must transcribe two replies to 2 irrelative peers touching the identical theme sustained after a while the suitable references and construct abiding that the references that you use in your assignment are suitablely quoted in it.  Minimum 200 vote. If you keep any questions you can apposition me via email. Due date: Thursday 8th, August