Answer To Peer, Similarities Less 5%, References 2, APA 6

 A conditional individuality is a divine physician makes encircling a individuality but is not stable as past details are needed. A differential is where there is past than one possibility of individuality, but then the physician has to designate the express one and supply an misspend texture plan. The conditional individuality is sharp viral tonsillitis, which happens in league delay an inflammation of the pharynx. It is slight to arise to Riccardo as he stationary a adolescent adult owing it is well-acquainted to them and progeny. The individuality is expected to be sharp viral tonsillitis due to the symptoms Ricardo has (Catic et al., 2018). His region is exalted, complains of excoriated gluttony, and has a shrewd throat. An bounteous introductory cervical lymph node is seen on his left interest during the demonstration and red tonsils exudate. Past his sister said that he has never had an allergy to antibiotics, penicillin can be prescribed to inferior rheumatic heat. The differential diagnoses can be viral pharyngitis due to the shrewd throat. Another individuality is Epstein-Barr virus owing he feels void, having lymph node turgescence, and shrewd throat. It can too be HPIVs past he has a heat and influenza as a fruit of weary, grandiloquent lymph nodes, heat, and shrewd throat. There are exalted possibilities that Ricardo has a bacterial poison past he exhibits all the signs for streptococcal poison (Stevens & Bryant, 2016). He has exudates tonsils, not coughing, a exalted heat, and a grandiloquent lymph node, which are signs for knot A streptococcal poison. This poison is chiefly treated delay antibiotics.  References Catic, T., Kapo, B., Pintol, Z., Skopljak, A., Cengic, A., Gojak, R., ... & Jankovic, S. M. (2018). An implement for rating nature of history kindred to shrewd throat in patients affliction from sharp pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Materia socio-medica, 30(1), 43. Retrieved from Stevens, D. L., & Bryant, A. E. (2016). Severe knot A streptococcal poisons. In Streptococcus pyogenes: Basic Biology to Clinical Manifestations [Internet]. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Retrieved from