(must be handwritten and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Use cerulean or black ink)  Go to www.apta.org, content exculpation the forthcoming questions. Due 5/19/2020 Questions 1-4: (max 2 points each) 1. In your own tone, what does the APTA do?   _______   ___________________________________________________________________     2. In your own tone, embody the APTA’s Vision Statement.       ______      3. Under the “Current Students” minority, what do you furnish most sensational or suited and why?  ______________________________________________________ _________________________      4. Under the “Practice & Patient Care- Habit Administration” minority, decipher encircling Equal Review. In your own tone, represent what Equal Criticism is.        a. How does the equal criticism regularity preserve virtue amid the production of a substantial therapy habit or exception?               5. What are the Values-based Behaviors for PTAs? Give an development for each conduct. (max 16 points)    1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8. 6. Under the “Practice and Patient Care” minority, furnish the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Substantial Therapist Assistant (Appendix 2). Print out a portraiture and highlight which trutination you most establish delay. Attach the trutinations to this assignment. Choose a bullet adown the highlighted trutination you chose and in the interinterspace granted adown elucidate why you affect it is great. (10 pts.)