DUE: 24 NOVEMBER 2018 (9PM EST)  Refer to the assigned balbutiation from the textbook and required videos as examples of how to render efforts of art. In the “Comparing Regions” discourse this week, you examined how differences between districts stop and the implications to art created amid those districts, unfair to the Baroque motion. Now, chosen two efforts, each from unanalogous districts amid the similar opportunity end and motion (other than the Baroque motion). Below are some examples of districts to discuss amid a point motion (pick-out two districts): Italy France Northern Europe Spain United States Between the two efforts of art, what similarities and differences do you see in conditions of the instrument (materials), methods, and subjects? Explain how each effort of art is insensitive of the motion, yet singular to its district. Your primal post must be at meanest 200 language in elongation. Cite your sources as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an palpable post.)Links to an palpable post. guides on Citing Amid Your Paper (Links to an palpable post.)Links to an palpable post. and Formatting Your References List (Links to an palpable post.)Links to an palpable post.. For efforts of art, prosper the basic mitigated APA phraseology intimation entrance format in the APA Phraseology Intimation Entries for Artwork