Art History

   Your latest assignment is to divine an online art sight that has artwork representing each Part in chronological manage. Using the part outlines as a influence, construct an metaphor sight where each of the parts are represented (at lowest two metaphors per Unit). Be creative, and beget an sight that represents your specific tastes and what you keep discovered throughout the mode. Choose two artists or generous styles from each Part and pursuit for art online that you can tell to and debate, naturalized on how you keep read to evaluate the art in each Unit. For each metaphor clarified, transcribe a mean appraisal, as if you were a arbiter. Put the axioms and figures aloof, and draw your specific reactions to each element, as if you were visiting a museum delay a coadjutor and expressing your reactions naturalized on the conversance you keep acquired. Accompanying the metaphor sight, transcribe a latest Nursing Dissertation linked to the discoveries of your sight, delay appraisals for each Part as well-mannered-mannered as a latest thought on what you keep read, including new conversance or discoveries. The latest issue procure include: 1. Presentation a. Cover slide  b. Sections naturalized on era i. Images/photos of the era (one metaphor per slide) ii. Mean designation of the element iii. Citations protection any needed resources c. APA formatted Reference slide 2. Written document a. Cover page b. Sections linked to sight slides i. Mean appraisal ii. Specific reaction c. Reflection i. Thought on what you read; including new conversance or discoveries d. APA formatted Reference page