Assignment: Psychology of Unity Elimination and Well-Being Elimination Matrix Request is a exact content of the establishment of metaphysical supposition in public, and unquestionably has been exact in the product of theories of unity. When consuming elimination environing a elimination question, it is appropriate to imply basic aspects of metaphysical elimination pur-pose, including substance telling to fuse among promotive and innate elimination pur-poses, and to exactly stir, excellent, and synthesize peer-reviewed doctrines appropriate to your elimination purposes.  For this Assignment, you gain cull a question on well-substance among a absorbed area of unity supposition.  Using the Walden Library, you gain elimination a poverty of three vulgar (5 years or newer) peer-reviewed elimination doctrines and frame your condition notice in a Unity and Well-Being Learning Review Matrix.  A matrix is not meant to trust all of the details environing doctrines endow but plenty to succor you incorporate the doctrines that share you in the area of unity and welfare. You gain then use your elimination to beget a structure of the ideas presented. To Prepare From the Learning Resources, download the “Personality and Well-Being Learning Review Matrix” and populate it delay the requested notice environing your three vulgar (5 years or newer) peer-reviewed elimination doctrines connected to your question environing how a absorbed area of unity can be used to repair the well-substance of people.   Assignment (2–3 pages, in restoration to distinction page and references; 50 points) Part 1: Unity and Well-Being Learning Review Matrix Using the Unity and Well-Being Learning Review Matrix, populate the matrix delay the aftercited requested notice environing the three doctrines connected to your well-substance question of share that is personally or professionally appropriate to you and that relates to the kindred among a absorbed unity form and repaird welfare. Request question Article citations in APA format       Design of con-over (e.g., innate, promotive, qualified methods, meta-analysis, condition con-over, etc.)     Request questions Methodology (e.g., participants, questionnaires, etc.)   Results of con-over       Take-home missive of the con-over (i.e., what does this con-over say environing enhancing the well-substance of people?) Part 2: Psychology of Unity Elimination and Well-Being Using the notice in your matrix, transcribe a structure of the elimination environing your well-substance question. A structure is not a digest of each condition. In a structure you mirror the several media by describing the main ideas or themes, habituated athwart the three references. Be unfair, stipulate examples, and excuse your defense delay citations from the Media in your Learning Activities or from your quest from the learning and/or the Walden Library.