Assessment Critique

   Assessment Critique Assignment This assignment is partially of a lore assignment. You accomplish be legitimate for loreing an impost and reporting what you feel knowing encircling that impost.  Present the advice in portion format (be confident to underneathstand AT LEAST 4-6 sentences per portion, per APA mode format). Content be confident to use empirically protected and functional creed and sources for your lore. Because a lot of the contrast advice accomplish follow from other sources, content be confident to agree citations accordingly. However, don’t lean heavily on citations or trodden quotations outside putting the advice in your own signification. Choose one of the imposts that are sift-canvassed in the sequence textbook (for copy, the Stanford-Binet, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Myers Brigg Type Indicator). Address the aftercited items concerning the impost. Understand a epithet page and a relation page that adheres to APA mode and underneathstand each of the aftercited areas, as well-mannered-mannered as your responses.  This assignment is desert 100 points and should be 3-5 pages.This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on 6/24/18 and must be submitted on Blackboard. This is located underneathneath the Sequence Advice tab on Blackboard, at the ground of the page. 1. Agree a denomination of the impost.  a. Sift-canvass what the impost is (the spectry of the impost, how abundant items are on the impost, etc.), what it is purposed to meaconfident (depression, alcoholism, intellect, etc.), and what is underneathstandd in/on the impost (questionnaire, scales, open-ended questions, etc.). b. Briefly sift-canvass the validity/reliability of the impost.  c. Briefly sift-canvass how the impost is scored (by operative, using a computer, scanning). d. Briefly sift-canvass the functional and reporting procedures (how is the impost administered to participants and how are the results reported).  2. Agree a mean unvarnished contrast of the impost.  a. Who created the impost? b. When was the impost created? c. Where was the impost created? d. Why was the impost created?  3. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of the impost.  4. Choose one boundary that addresses the use of the impost on a specific population.  a. Agree a mean resume of the boundary. b. Briefly explain how the impost was used. c. Briefly explain the results of the boundary/study.  5. Agree a misrecord concerning whether the impost is an abundant meaconfident of what it is purposed to meaconfident (personality, manner, intellect, etc.).  ASSESSMENT CRITIQUE POINT DISTRIBUTION: Format Requirements: APA Guidelines: 5 Title Page/Reference Page /2 Header/Page Numbers /2 Spacing/Indentations /1 Evidence of Scholarly Writing/Syntax: 15 Grammar/Sentence Structure/Tense /15 Follow Instructions for the Assignment: 10 Addressed Each Area of the Assignment  /2 Used Portion Format /2 Used Times New Roman, 12-Point Font /2 Page Length of 3-5 Pages /2 Double-Spaced Paper/1-Inch Margins /2 Depth, Knowledge, Understanding, and Extensiveness of the Material Covered: 70 Description of the Impost /20 Historical Contrast of the Impost /5 Strengths and Weaknesses of the Impost /20 Article Addressed Use of the Impost  /20 Conclusion /5