Assessment Results and LRE Continuum

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT THE WORK BELOW.  DON'T JUST WRITE ANYTHING. NO LATE WORK PLEASE PLEASE.   According to the toll communication you re-examinationed in Week 2, Henry procure constantly behold encircling the locality precedently participating in whole-group activities, caricaturing what his peers are doing, so not to be embarrassed that he does not interpret the literature representative or what is regularity asked.  Mr. Franklin and you accept observed this identical documented manner in multiple instances during classlocality advice and other activities.  Becreator he has never been a manner collection or disruptive, you are alarmed that Henry’s introverted regularity procure creator him to sink further aback as has noncommunication of advancement goes unperceived.  It has been unshaken that Henry has a literature disqualification, which negatively impacts his balbutiation perception and ability to arrange his thoughts on brochure. Initial Post: Create an judicious shaft using the results from the evaluation system presented in the Instructor Guidance as polite as passage knowledge listed in the Required and Recommended Resources.  Conduct a re-examination of Henry’s toll communication and his contrast you created latest week.  Explain to IEP team which academic enhancement you judge is Henry’s Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).  Be trusting to excuse your judgment delay knowledge you’ve peruse in the citation, the week’s balbutiation assignments and stubborn learning.