Assignment 1

  In this assignment, you conquer invent a Positioning Declaration and Motto for one (1) of the forthcoming stigmas: Alfa Romeo, Hewlett Packard, Subway, or Sony. Select solely one (1) stigma. Use the notification listed, as well-mannered-mannered as your own inquiry, to assess the stigma by completing the granted template. At the end of the template, be safe to clear what you regard would be a new or reform positioning declaration and motto for the stigma. Click short to download the required template. (robust to the scrutiny) Submit the completed template via the Assignment 1 patience embody. *Remember to solely selecteded one (1) stigma from the options adown (click on Option A, B, C, and D to judgment each beneficial stigma). Option A  Option B  Option C  Option D Subway Subway's 2013 Mission Statement "To afford the tools and conversance to authorize entrepreneurs to emulate successfully in the Fast Foundation activity worldwide, by consistently offering compute to consumers through providing noble tasting foundation that is amiable for them and made the way they deficiency it." Subway's Vision Our longing is to shape our restaurants and operations as environmentally and socially imperative as feasible.