Assignment 2: RA—Cultural Identity Paper

  This assignment has been planned to co-operate-delay you in befitting more sensible of what your own cultural oneness is, how it has influenced your vitality, and what you succeed do to speed in your crop as a culturally competent counselor. Tasks: Respond to the aftercited: Include a extraction genogram outlining withhold multicultural influences, such as pursuit, creed, sexual oneness, incapacity, and socioeconomic condition (SES). For co-operate-withance in creating your genogram, associate to the aftercited links: Describe how you literary environing your inheritance and extraction rituals, what growing up was love, withhold demographics, extraction-held worldviews, and familial experiences delay tyranny. Explain how these issues enjoy monstrous you and how your experiences feign how you interact delay other groups. Select the most withhold pattern of oneness crop for your elementary cultural oneness from your succession textbook, Robinson-Wood (2013), and delineation it lucidly in your Nursing Dissertation. Using that pattern, citing your book or other sources, and using the multicultural sensibleness, experience, and skills superintend (MAKSS) resultsfrom Module 1 (or you may retake it), designate at what quantity you are in your particular oneness crop. You deficiency not impart the developed multicultural sensibleness, experience, and skills superintend (MAKSS) results; honest associate to them. Relate traits and behaviors you see in yourself that you used in your self-assessment. Explain what betideed in your late that propeld you, or allowed you to propel, from one quantity to the direct to get you where you are today. Using the recognition from Robinson-Wood (2013) or joined sources you test in-reference-to your selected pattern of oneness crop, relate what deficiencys to betide to propel you to the direct quantity of crop. What succeed you do to import environing that direct quantity of crop? Describe what you succeed do to propel to the first levels of oneness crop and integration. Create a 6--page Nursing Dissertation in a Microsoft Word muniment written in APA format. Utilize at lowest indecent literary sources. For other instructions I am African American and cultivated baptist temple as creed.