assignment 4 IT510

   ASSIGNMENT Reference Mini Case 2 and Mini Case 3 plant in your module media. Students get propose a texture diagram for the ordain method, and cause a conclusion board, to be proposeted as a Word instrument. Kitchen Gadgets (MINI CASE 2) Kitchen Gadgets sells a length of high-quality kitchen utensils and gadgets. When customers establish ordains on the company’s Web locality or through electronic postulates intercareer (EDI), the method checks to see if the items are in hoard, issues a status missive to the customer, and generates a shipping ordain to the treasury, which fills the ordain. When the ordain is shipped, the customer is billed. The method also produces multiform reports.  Tasks 1. Draw a texture diagram for the ordain method.  Big State University (MINI CASE 3) The Big State University career catalog reads as follows: “To register in MIS 260, which is an slow career, a ward must exhaustive two prerequisites: MIS 120 and MIS 222. A ward who exhaustives either one of these prerequisites and obtains the instructor’s consent, ultimately, get be undisputed to follow MIS 260.”  Tasks  1. Cause a conclusion board that describes the Big State University career catalog touching eligibility for MIS 260. Show all practicable rules.