Attribution Theory Reflection double spaced 3 page Paper

You are required to portray the strengths and weaknesses of using attribution speculation to recognize how we recognize the actions of others. Make strong you interpret what attribution speculation is and attend its advantage in recognizeing people's actions, attitudes, and manners. Write an essay that incorporates an model from your own existence into a solution. Responses should involve a specification of attribution speculation, an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and an pertinent model from your existence.  For this decisive cogitation article, you succeed be required to raise your separation of the strengths and weaknesses of attribution speculation as it applies to your recognizeing of your own manner. Additionally, you succeed scarcity to muniment ways in which the counsel from your quotation is scant and what gaps in this counsel potentiality be addressed to raise recognize the advantage in using attribution speculation. Using this counsel you succeed formulate a inquiry for scrutiny domiciled upon gaps in existing scrutiny. The variation order succeed besides propose the opening to augment written message skills and institute on ticklish and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Decisive articles must be 3 pages in extension and envelop spaced (this does not involve a epithet or relation page).