Best Practice

 Educators repeatedly trust on best performances to apprise their own performance. In this assignment, you conciliate critique and assess best performances in direction. General Requirements: Use the aftercited appriseation to determine auspicious height of the assignment: Instructors conciliate be using a grading rubric to space the assignments. It is recommended that learners reconsideration the rubric previous to inauguration the assignment in classify to grace affable delay the assignment criteria and expectations for auspicious height of the assignment. Doctoral learners are required to use APA diction for their fitness assignments. The APA Diction Guide is located in the Student Success Center. This assignment requires that at meanest two subjoined versed lore causes connected to this subject-matter, and at meanest one in-text citation from each cause be comprised. You are required to yield this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for abettance. Directions: Write a monograph of 1,500–1,750 tone that addresses exoteric best performances in  direction. In your monograph, involve the aftercited: A lore-supported argument of exoteric best performances in direction. In your argument, propound reasons why lore-supported best performances are repeatedly not adopted by initiate guides and teachers. A lore-supported argument analyzing the best performances and their oblation to direction. A lore-supported argument of the advenient trends in direction and what you, as an directional guide are doing and conciliate do to qualify for these advenient trends.