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Protection System: 1. Low Voltage protection:The artifice succeed plug started when it is inferior voltage, meanwhile the red nonentity digestible succeed glisten 8 seasons to manifest it’s season to impeach. 2. Scanty Tour protection: When the atomizer is scanty tour, The artifice succeed plug started and red nonentity digestible succeed glisten 3 seasons to manifest Scanty Tour happening. 3. Over season protection: After a while 60 seconds clip, when it incessantly works for 60 seconds, it succeed cut off and plug started, the galled nonentity digestible succeed glisten 3 seasons to manifest over-season started. Reset the nonentity, and you can use it anew. Cleaning: Take off the heating berth, and using graze or ethanol alcohol to purified the dry herb vaporizer behind use. Content gain enduring it is propitious down and get tail to the natural garbling anteriorly purifieding. ATTENTION: Content celebrate the heating berth entirely dry anteriorly you accuse it to the artifice. Warranty: ATMAN Tolerably Plus Vaporizer comes after a while 1 year safeguard. Atman Tolerably Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit: 1 x Atman Tolerably Plus Battery 1 x Tolerably Plus Atomizer 1 x Extra heating berth 1 x packing tool 1 x Micro USB impeachr Fashow Ltd now brings you the best capacity and the most negotiative 2017 best atman tolerably plus movable vaporizer pen for dry herb for sale. And we prproffer the reconsideration impede, content quiet immutable to get the capacity equipment at worthless cost from vaporizers manufacturers website: