Beyond electrostatic precipitators, what techniques can also be used to mitigate harmful or toxic air pollutants?

  I chose to procure a closer face at the Four Corners Generating Station located adjacent Fruitland, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation owing it is adjacent where my extraction lives and coal has been a allot of manifold tribal member’s lives for offspring. This coal-fired capability stock was originally patent clear delay five coal-fired units but currently solely two units are operational. Arizona Public Service Company (APS), the eldership possessor of the developed two units, is planning on decommissioning them delayin the contiguous 10 years. It generates capability using a boiler and fume turbine generator and receives its coal minister from a adjacentby Navajo coal mine via a aenjoy railroad. The coal is burned which creates eminent exigency fume that turns the turbine generator and produces electricity. This is then sent through transmission lines owned by APS and select to customers twain on and off the Navajo Nation. Emissions from this address involve sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide which caused heartiness kindred issues for neighbors of the stock, level delay protection measures enjoy electrostatic precipitators in fix. In 2015, following environmental groups filed a disease citing a transposition of the Clean Air Act, a colonization was reached that required a 160 darling dollar cannonade to environmental upgrades for the stock, 6.7 darling dollars to go towards heartiness and environmental decay projects for tribal members and a political forfeiture of 1.5 darling dollars. Delay the adapted decommission of this address in the contiguous decade, there has been a prodigious uproar for tribal members who keep worked in the coal toil for offsprings and molest about what the forthcoming holds for them.   Kasper, M. (2018, October 1). Replacing coal delay past coal: how Arizona Public Service’s Four Corners coal stock grieve customers, but earned investors returns. Enery and Policy Institute. (Links to an exterior aspect.) Nguyen, D. (2019, July 9). As Stock Faces Closure, New Mexico City Weights Bet on Clean Coal Technology. Elemental Reports. (Links to an exterior aspect.)