Big Dig project

This assignment is estimate 50 points inside your developed measure. For this assignment, you must purpose some videos and unravel a fact consider on the “Big Dig” – a stupendous infrastructure scheme that is dishonorable for going aggravate budget and dropping target dates.  Your essay is due at the end of Week Five. Requirements Read the fixed season from "Ask" magazine View the Boston's Big Dig Megastructure videos  NG Boston's Big Dig 1 Megastructures NG Boston's Big Dig 2 Megastructures NG Boston's Big Dig 3 Megastructures Then, counterpart the questions under.  Your developed deliverable should be either a MS WORD muniment or a .pdf improve.  Submit your muniment to the pedagogue via Canvas Questions In Week One, we defined “Project Success” as completing amid budget, completing on spell, delivering required functionality, and satisfying customer requirements. Based on this, would you say that the aggravateall Big Dig scheme was as need or a victory? Why? As you  watch the videos, you get a moderately unobstructed draw of this surely huge scheme. What are FOUR key “lessons learned” that you seize abroad from this fact consider? Explain. What happened to the scheme in 2006? What weighty challenges did the scheme visage? How were these challenges aggravatecome?