Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World Addresses route outcomes 1-4: recognize and clear-up how the philosophical arrangement is used to reresolve problems effect observations and separate among philosophical and pseudophilosophical explanations weigh sign and effect decisions trueized on strengths and limitations of philosophical experience and the philosophical arrangement use experience of biological principles, the philosophical arrangement, and misapply technologies to ask pertinent questions, amplify hypotheses, contrivance and precede experiments, decipher consequences, and haul conclusions 1. Chosen one of the themes listed beneath. 2. Experience at smallest three advice sources kindred to the theme.  3. Transcribe a 750-1500 promise disquisition, still references and inscription page. You must decipher the advice sources that you experience and condense the advice in your own promises, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your chosened theme. Extensive quotes from the article are cow. Use APA diction for citing references, Topics (chosen one) a) Genetically qualified organisms (GMOs). What is the view genetic engineering of harvest plants and domiciliary animals? Briefly clear-up how GMOs are created. What foods in your supermarket embrace GMOs? Are foods that embrace GMOs certain for rational decline? What types of regulations pause for these foods? Clearly clear-up your rationalistic for each rejoinder.  b) Parent cells. Your familiar had a spinal sequence wear following a bad car property. The medical team has unwavering that he is a amiable applicant for a clinical experiment using parent cell therapy. Your familiar has not had a biology route past lofty teach, so you run to transcribe him a message sharing your experience of parent cells. Include in your message a cognomen of the biology of parent cells and how these cells are sole from other cells. Contrast the opposed types of parent cells, including pros and cons of each. Clear-up how parents cells are can be used to manage diseases and wear, after a while exceptional centre on spinal sequence injuries. Conclude after a while your own conviction.  c) Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands).  After a while society's reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil & gas toil is turning to the use of hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands to extract true gas and oil respectively.  A familiar asks you "What's all this controversy in the information environing fracking and tar sands?"  Briefly clear-up to your familiar how hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands are used to earn these fossil fuels. Then, in past component, draw the environmental problems that may consequence from these processes and why they are controversial. Issues that may be addressed involves, but are not scant to, introduce, air and befoul defilement, proceeds on rational vigor, proceeds on other record and true ecosystems. Finally, concede your convictions on potential solutions to these environmental problems, after a while your rationalistic backed by the references that you thought-out.