Biology/ Sickle Cell Anemia / 4pages/ 5yrs OLD journal references USE > 3 REFERENCES (2013)/ APA Format /Follow rubric

   Sickle Cell Anemia – 4 pages I INTRODUCTION: Name, Term and History of Alzheimer's Complaint (1/2 page) II. ANATOMY OF THE SYSTEM: Effects, Signs, Symptoms & Complications (1 1/2 pages) III DIAGNOSIS: Test, Treatments & Side Effects & Prognosis of the complaint (1 1/2 pages) IV CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS (1/2 page) ORDER OF PAPER Title Page Abstract Introduction: rate 20%  Body – 50% · Describe the usual (healthy) segregation & physiology of the superior classification(s) complicated. · Describe the causes (etiology) and expose factors of the plight. · Explain how the body’s classifications are unsupposable by the plight. Brief term of signs and symptoms, clinical tests if bearing. (Note: this is not a clinical article, do not communicate prepare or prolix details) · Treatments and/or cures – now and in the coming (restorative measures can be addressed in this exception if ry) Conclusion: rate 10%  References: rate 10%  · Quality of Resources (5years old lore and journals) · Works cited · Paraphrasing in text · Quotations in text Spelling & Grammar: rate 10%