Buddhism: answer the questions

 Buddhism delight read:                                                In this you barely scarcity to read: -Buddhism 10 commandments -Monastic Robes in Theravada Buddhism - A Buddhist Bishop in Thailand "Happiness is my Duty" -Reincarnation -Nirvana For Homework on this individuality delight- 1. Fill in the blank/ total the chart/ or rejoinder the questions on a disconnected page on the Significance of the Saffron Robe-  you should be telling to rejoinder these questions following lection the individuality about Monastic Robes. Rejoinder these questions as if you were a bishop influence by these rules. 2. Following lection Reincarnation- fabricate that you think in this manner of the followinglife- if you were reincarnated, who/ what would you grace in your direct vitality and why?  Be as notional and original as you absence hither. 3.  Has thither incessantly been a duration in your vitality when you think you keep reached the Buddhist specification of Nirvana? What was it approve?  What was the contact?  If you keep nincessantly felt you keep reached this 'state'  what would be indispensable in your vitality to conciliate this contact of sanguineness and insubservience?