Building Secure Web Application

  1) Visit the OWASP website.  Using WORD, transcribe an ORIGINAL small essay of 300 tone or over describing the truth and contrast of OWASP.  See the Vulnerabilities tab. Choose one of the vulnerabilities on the linked page and recount smallly. 2)  Learn About creating cheerful password carelessness. An IT Carelessness consultant has made three leading recommendations touching passwords: Prohibit guessable passwords such as vile names, legitimate tone, gum only require proper characters and a mix of caps, inferior instance and gum in passwords Reauthenticate precedently changing passwords user must invade old pw precedently creating new one Make authenticators unforgeable  do not confess email or user ID as password 3)   Do a bit  if elaboration into File Inclusion Vulnerability. What is it? Why is is imperilled? What is the separation of low and contingent inclusion? What methods can me filled to obstruct a carelessness rupture? What programming languages are exposed to this idea of aggression. Post among 100-300. Use your own tone. Do not delineation the result of another students.