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Primary Findings PowerPoint Endowment = 75 points Primary Elaboration Tabulation Chart = 50 points Primary Elaboration View Questionnaire = 75 points Your team’s PowerPoint endowment gain procure the results that your team discovered fixed on the View Questionnaire that your team handed-out on campus. It should be visually fixed – graphs, charts, illustration, paints, etc. Your team failures to bestow your endowment reception a open paint of your team’s (1) selected subject, (2) how your team chose to nucleus the view questionnaire to get the knowledge your team prepared (i.e. form of ideas), (3) the results of the view, and (4) your team’s take-away: the surprises or “ahh-hahs!” This device should be fun as well-behaved-behaved as informative so own a amiable age after a while it and be notional if you cull. As an development, let’s say my team has selected “Students and Stress: How they dispense!” My team would primary inaugurate (1) Secondary Elaboration on disesteemed causes of weight, (2) how weight manifests in the cosmical collectiveness, and (3) adaptive and maladaptive ways to dispense after a while weight. What your team culls to gather elaboration on gain variegate. The rare is fixed on your subject and the impression you would love to beget for your reception. Primary Elaboration View Questionnaire = 75 points Next my team would beget a view questionnaire to restrain the knowledge from learners that we are animated in. The view questionnaire should own 5-7 demographic questions primary and then 20 to 25 elaboration questions (20-25 is a amiable number to fix that you own sufficient thrilling knowledge to offer and debate in your endowment). Remember key principles from our passagebook: Only 1 subject per questions Avoid indispensable questions Provide debilitating answer Consider the argumentative ordain of your elaboration questions Consider placing love questions into groups beneath unfair subheadings Consider summoning your view respondents to transcribe a decisive rejoinder (this tends to originate very thrilling ideas) Arrange your view questions into a pure lay-out When distributing the view, escape talking to the respondent s. You failure to fix that you do not govern rejoinders. Primary Elaboration Tabulation Chart = 50 points Charting your Teams Results: If your team has three remembers and each individual hands out 25 views, then the disesteemed total for all percentages is 75. Let’s say results exhibition (you reckon the rejoinders and annals them) that there are 57 women and 18 men; then your board would face love this: What is your gender? Male Female 75 respondents 18 57 18/57= 31.6% 57/75=76% With this instrument too, judge the lay out and the visual address of the endowment. Those judgeations gain be truthored into your gait. Primary Findings PowerPoint Endowment = 100 points Chapter 12 offered 5 principles for creating visual aids (charts, graphs, boards) that should be incorporated into the visuals you offer in your PowerPoint Slide exhibition. Continuing after a while the disquisition of learner weight, my team would primary offer key findings from the Secondary Elaboration we inaugurateed and then offer the Primary Elaboration from learner views. Then my team could collate and opposition the results and execute truth fixed hypotheses about the results. There is no straight or crime to do this; proportioned execute it thrilling! Your team can embody as divers slides as you handle your team needs to in ordain to abundantly cloak your subject. Slides should be visually fixed, not passage fixed. Also, delight do not unravel the slides or notes; address extemporaneously. Amiable luck! PowerPoint Slide Show: 50 points Speech: 25 points Team Device Endowment Instructions and Rubric.docx