BUS week3 Quiz due now

Question 11 pts Which of the forthcoming statements is NOT an servile style of team structure or the team-structure arrangement? team structure is distributeicipatory. team structure is axioms naturalized. the team-structure arrangement should grace an ongoing distribute of any team’s operation agenda. the team-structure arrangement facilitates competitive proceeding amid the team. team structure is an advent to true proficiency. Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts In the Vroom, Yetton, and Jago determination-making pattern, __________ are made when the director or team head uses notice that he or she entertaines and decides what to do externally involving others. groupthink determinations. pattern determinations. consultative determinations. assembly determinations. minority determinations. Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 pts The __________ to team structure offers opportunities for strenuous and tight attempt to ponder assembly acquirements and operations. informal removal advent. privacy advent. informal disconnection advent. formal privacy advent. formal recess advent. Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts In commendations to determination-making, the best teams __________________________. let the smartest idiosyncratic in the assembly frame most of the determinations. stay concertedly as a assembly all of the opportunity consequently they operation well-behaved-behaved concertedly. take a blunt opportunity to frame determinations. do not season themselves to true one determination-making process, using it aggravate and aggravate again careless of qualification. do not promote an change of ideas. Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts __________ is a forthcoming of intentional activities prepared to gather and dissect axioms on the functioning of a team and to prepare changes prepared to emend teamoperation and extension team competency. team enhancing. team structure. team structuring. team championing. team organizing. Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 pts __________, or the use of one’s understanding, is expressive in all aspects of determination making. intuition. attitudinal structure. judgment. perceiving. sensing. Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 pts __________ are simplifying strategies or “rules of thumb” used to frame determinations. Hindsights. Disciplines. Regulations. Codes. Heuristics. Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 pts In the offal can meaning of determination making, abundant problems go unsolved consequently determination framers __________ do all of the forthcoming EXCEPT: cannot admit to contest problems delay disconnections, frame a select, and appliance the select on a opportunityly and consonant plea. do not perceive how to direct constant problems. do not absence to reresolve constant problems. cannot frame a select. cannot appliance a determination on a opportunityly and consonant plea. Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 pts Each of the forthcoming is a peculiarity of high-exploit teams EXCEPT: high-exploit teams accept hale heart values. high-exploit teams round a unconcealed wisdom of meaning into local exploit objectives. high-exploit teams accept members who standpoint on separate attempt and distinction. members of high-exploit teams accept the suitable mix of skills. high-exploit teams entertain creativity. Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 pts In the Vroom, Yetton, and Jago determination-making pattern, __________ involves the director obtaining the needful notice from secondary(s) or other assembly members and then deciding on the problem disconnection. variant 1 of pattern determinations. variant 2 of pattern determinations. variant 1 of consultative determinations. variant 2 of consultative determinations. variant 3 of pattern determinations.