BUS101 Final Exam- Short Answer

 ****DUE IN 7 HRS!!!!**** QUESTION 1 Company Description What differentiates the selected trade from others, and the markets the trade serves? Provide a written association patronymic.  Be trusting to enclose all the basic components of a association patronymic. QUESTION 2 Market Analysis What are the strengths and weaknesses of each first opponent in provisions of sales, temper, division, compensation, origination capabilities, office, and emanations/services?   Does the selected trade bear a competitive benefit? Please elucidate.   QUESTION 3 Organization & Management What are the responsibilities and expertise of each director? What role get they resemble in managing individualnel and instrument? Be trusting to contour the skills and compatability that each individual posses (or get have).  QUESTION 4 Service or Emanation Line Does the selected trade stipulate a benefit or emanation? What are the particular benefits of the emanation or benefit from the customers' perspective? How does the emanation or benefit coalesce the consumer needs? Explain the origination course for the benefit or emanation.   QUESTION 5 Marketing & Sales How get the selected trade extend their customers? Provide a written patronymic of the marketing policy for the selected trade. Be trusting to enclose all the key components of a marketing policy.