BUS303: Ecommerce in the Global Business Environment

      Description:  Assessment Item 2 – Subject Study   Value:  35%    Due   date:  Friday, Midnight,    Length:  2500 - 3000   words   Task:  In this assignment you are going to guide a   subject examine decomposition involving a minute test of a concern (the subject)   you demonstrate as well-mannered-mannered as its connected compositionual provisions. Because you entertain a   word estimate stroll I entertain poor the convergence of the examine to the aftercited labors. 1. Demonstrate a concern that has a reasonably   intricate eCommerce element to it. This is going to be your Case. 2. Scrutiny and delineate the key aspects of the   businesses eCommerce policy including, but not poor to, features such as   the eCommerce intercourse policy/approach, rate propositions, enrichment models,   target traffics, concern models and eCommerce traffic strategies. 3. Delineate   the composition among which the concern operates including advice such as,   but not poor to, the broader diligence, key stakeholders and   competitiveness of the diligence.  4. You   should comprise an environmental decomposition such as a Porters decomposition and   discuss the key factors that dominion collision the prosperity of the concern. To   help delay the aftercited labor you dominion also guide a SWOT for a accomplished and   in-depth composition of the concernes inside and palpable compositions. 5. Clearly delineate any issues you demonstrate in   your scrutiny and decomposition that is connected to the eCommerce aspects of the   concern and establish recommendations of how the concern dominion discourse the   issues to minimise, reresolve or displace the problems that dominion inaugurate. 6. Because   you get be making observations and recommendations in the organization of the   assignment you do not exact a misrecord minority.   Presentation:  Should be written in Report name format.