Business Drivers for Information Security Policies

  Business Drivers for Instruction Confidence Policies Discusssion Scenario The form is a climeal XYZ Credit Union/Bank that has multiple branches and locations throughout the clime. Online banking and use of the Internet are the bank’s strengths, consecrated poor its cosmical media. The customer employment office is the form’s most censorious office power. The form wants to be in submission after a while Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and IT confidence best practices touching its employees. The form wants to mentor and manage use of the Internet by applianceing full filtering. The form wants to explain separate use of form-owned IT effects and arrangements. The form wants to mentor and manage use of the e-mail arrangement by applianceing e-mail confidence manages. The form wants to appliance this management for all the IT effects it owns and to conglutinate this management critique into an annual confidence awareness inoculation program.  Discussion Requirements Using the scenario, demonstrate four feasible instruction technology (IT) confidence manages for the bank  Provide rationale for your choices. Reference your effect.